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Job Fairs

What are Job fairs

Job fairs are a typical category of fairs, which act as a platform where the employers looking for employees and the employees seeking for jobs, come together. Job fairs are synonymous to career fairs and career expos. These are mega events where the recruiters from different parts of the country or abroad gather in the same place and advertise about their companies.

Who Come to these Job Fairs

Job fairs are mainly targeted to the people who are looking for jobs. So, the people who come to the job fairs are mainly job seekers. Now, the job seekers can be experienced or freshers. Again, the masses pouring into these expos can also include business corporates who are looking forward to set up business deals with companies. While the job seekers come to drop their resumes wherever applicable, the corporate clients exchange business cards. In the college setting, job fairs are helpful in entry level job recruitment. This is the place where the candidates meet the employers and the first interviews are conducted.


Organizations who do business in the career world are the organizers of these job fairs. This is to say, that, there are, several job portals, placement agencies, newspaper groups, job hubs, industry associations, and educational institutions who can organize these mega events. There are many popular job search companies, which organize these kinds of fairs. The educational institutes organize these fairs to expose the students to the changing scenario in the job market and expanding opportunities.

Recruitment, Placement and Career Counseling

The jobs fairs are like an eye opener as one is exposed to a world of companies and opportunities. Some of the categories that you will always find in a job fair are Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, Management, Finance, Retail, Call Centers, and Administration, to name a few. Companies which participate in the Job fairs are mainly those which are aiming at filling their vacancies with new recruitments.

Not only companies from India participate in these fairs, but also there are MNCs from different other international cities which take part in these expos. Most of the companies are usually from UK, USA, Philippines, Canada, UAE, Germany, and China. The placement agencies also participate in these fairs who act as intermediates between the recruiter and the job seeker. Career counseling companies also come here, who counsel people to what job suits him/her the best.

Advantages of Job Fairs

There are advantages more than one, which make these job fairs so popular and these are enlisted below:
  • Facilitate recruitment on a fast track.
  • Companies have a better opportunity for finding the best talents for each field from different parts of the world.
  • Recruiting organizations have a better chance of meeting prospective candidates.
  • Job seekers are exposed to a variety of career opportunities.
  • Job seekers also get career counseling.
The Current Job Fair:
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