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IIT Delhi Placements

About IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi is one of the seven Institutes of Technology. IIT institutes situated in seven major cities are the finest education centers for training in the field of information technology. IIT Delhi has been named as an Institution of National Importance. The institute was also awarded the deemed university title which enabled it to prepare its own academic policy, conduct examinations and award degrees. IIT Delhi placements are held very year to ensure effective selection of candidates by prominent companies of the industry.

IIT Delhi Placement Procedure

IIT Delhi has its own placement procedure which has to be followed by all students and interested companies. Organizations which wish to attend IIT Delhi placement campaign are required to contact the TnP Office, IIT Delhi at and register themselves. The company is then required to follow the guidelines as communicated by the institute.

The date for campus interview is selected by the institute and informed accordingly. Interested candidates can register on line for a particular company and send their resumes. On the date of the campus interviews, the company conducts the aptitude, technical test, personal interviews and group discussion. The selected names of candidates are unveiled on the same day. Once a candidate is selected by a company, they are not allowed to appear for any other company's interview.

IIT Delhi Placement Record

The track record of IIT Delhi is one of the finest among all engineering and management institutes in India. Every year, many prominent and important companies of the industry attend the placement campaign held by the institute to select capable candidates. In fact the demand for IIT Delhi candidates is so high that most times, the list of candidates gets exhausted within a few hours of the commencement of the placement campaign. The institute showed almost 100% placement record in the years2005, 2006 and 2007.

Every year the list of companies that register for IIT Delhi placement increases. Matching the boom in economy of the country, the demand for IT and management professionals have increased by leaps and bounds. The average salary offered in the year 2005 and 2006 was Rs 7.44 Lacs which increased to 8.57 Lacs in the year 2007.

The average offer per student in IIT Delhi for the year 2007 was 1.92 offers. A total of 42 companies visit IIT Delhi for campus interviews and selection.

Major Placement Organizations at IIT Delhi

Many well known, prominent and renowned companies and organizations visit IIT Delhi every year for their campus placements. Some of the main organizations that are keenly interested in selection of IIT Delhi candidates are HSBC, Kotal Mahindra, Citibank, SBI Caps, SEBI, and ICICI from the banking sector, KPMG, IBM (BCS), Avalon, Market RX from the Consulting sector, CTS, Wipro, IBM, Kanbay, HCL, PCS from the IT/ITES field and Maruti, Kingfisher Airlines, Idea, Bharti, McKinsey KC, DCM Shriram from the Marketing zone.

Dominant Trend in Placement through IIT Delhi

In the year 2006, consulting domain had emerged as the preferred sector for candidates as around 25% of the batch opted for this sector. But the main surprise was the demand for management students by the top notch companies of the industry. In the year 2007 also, the demand for management students was extremely high. But the trend also seemed to point towards other sectors such as consulting, marketing and finance picking up the pace.
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