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Freshers Jobs in Media

Media is a broad field where there are ample opportunities for fresh graduates to begin their careers. The experience that one can accrue from jobs offered by various media houses like Television, Newspaper, Radio and Internet will greatly help in establishing a successful career. There are plenty of freshers' jobs in Media that are highly creative and at the same time lucrative. Furthermore a specialized degree in media studies is an added advantage when it comes to finding the right media-related jobs. Besides full-time jobs, some students also opt for part-time freshers jobs in media while simultaneously pursuing their higher studies.

Aptitude for Freshers Jobs in Media

Candidates seeking a career in the world of media are required to possess certain skill sets. Firstly, one must be clear about which field in media he/ she wants to get into and based on that they must possess the requisite skills. Most media professionals are required to have a natural creative bent of mind, ability to think out of the box, have excellent written and verbal communication skills and proficiency in English and other vernacular languages. For those wishing to get into journalism should have an interest in current affairs; must be a voracious reader; and possess good communication skills.

Qualifications required for Freshers Jobs in Media

Fresh graduates from any stream can opt for a career in Media, though many companies may require candidates with specialized qualifications. Some of the qualification required for freshers jobs in media include:
  • Bachelors in Arts
  • Masters in Arts
  • Diploma in Mass Communication
  • Masters in Journalism
  • Bachelor in Mass Communication
  • Masters in Mass Communication
  • Certificate in Journalism
  • P.G Diploma in Journalism

List of Fresher Jobs in Media

Print Media

:In Print Media such as newspapers, magazines and journals, the fresher job available include that of graphic designer-print, copy editors, proofreader, editors, sub-editors, feature writer, associate editor and senior correspondent.

Electronic Media

: There are several fresher jobs in electronic media such as television, radio and the Internet. The job profiles in electronic media include TV anchor, reporter, copy editor, video editor, news anchor, producer, associate producer, cameraman, radio jockey, content writer, technical writer, content editor and radio news reader among others.

Expected Salaries (Monthly)

The starting salaries one can expect from freshers jobs in Media ranges from Rs. 8000/- to Rs.15000/- per month.

With the tremendous strides in the field of communication technologies, media has come to occupy a very significant position in the socio-economic fabric of the country. No wonder, there are plenty of job opportunities for freshers in the world of media
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